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[sticky post] Sticky Post [Nov. 12th, 2012|01:32 am]


So this is my sticky post! For now there will be just some links to my tumblr and my Dreamwidth Blog. But I intend to make an overview of my Downloads and some links to the great people who create Sims2 custom content!

Cereby's Tumblr: Random Pics, Sims and other Stuff

Cereby's Dreamwidth: Just a bad copy of my LJ
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The Darcys [Oct. 24th, 2012|04:46 pm]

After a very long break without posting anything about my families in my neighbourhood Pomeroy I will show you now the Darcy family!

Neighbourhood East Side

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(no subject) [Sep. 14th, 2012|04:39 pm]

So hello!

I kinda like my pregnant Sim-women and so I take a lot of photos of them and their rounded bellies :-)

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Sim-Blender Translation [Aug. 31st, 2012|10:14 pm]

Hello everybody!

I was bored, so I did a German translation of the SimBlender-Discription. For all of you who are not that familliar with English in discriptions or just want to understand a bit more.
It is a PDF-File, so everyone should be able to open it. If you have any questions concerning the translation, feel free to ask :-)

Download the PDF

Hallo liebe Alle :-)

Mir war ein bisschen langweilig, also habe ich eine deutsche Übersetzung der SimBlender-Beschreibung angefertigt.
Die Übersetzung soll für alle, die nicht sooo vertraut mit der englischen Sprache in Beschreibungen sind, oder sich nur einmal ein wenig klarer über die Funktionen des SimBlenders werden wollen, eine Hilfestellung bieten. Daher auch eine deutsche Übersetzung des schicken LJ-Eintrages ;-)
Alles ist in einer PDF-Datei festgehalten. Wenn ihr irgendwelche Fragen zu der Übersetzung habt, fragt ruhig nach :-)

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100 Followers Gift [Jun. 25th, 2012|04:47 pm]
[Tags|, , , ]

Finally I have reached 100 followers over at my Tumblr and so I have some gifts for all of you :-)
Under the cut you will find a nice house for your Sims 2 and some Sims to live in it. Or not.

The following entry is picture-heavy!!!

...House, Sims and Downloadlinks under the cut...Collapse )
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Follower Gift "Frog Cove Road" [Jun. 16th, 2012|11:34 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Hello Simmers!

I have reached over 80 Followers over at my Tumblr and I would like to say "Thank you" with a little gift!
Under the cut you will find a lot of pics of "Frog Cove Road".

More pics and Download Link under the cut...Collapse )
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First Sim for Download! [May. 3rd, 2012|08:04 pm]

Hey there!

This is my first Sim for download!

Olivia Drawing

More Pics and Download-LinkCollapse )
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So sorry... [Mar. 24th, 2012|04:53 pm]

There are no words...

I am so sorry for Rosie, her husband and her family.
My thoughts are with them!

Rest in Peace, dear Rosie!
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(no subject) [Jan. 25th, 2012|10:46 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |nostalgicnostalgic]

Hello again ^^

This time I will show you one of my other families living in Pomeroy. Most of the families moved to Pomeroy to produce some Ingame-Born-Babies for the LaFleur-O'Greene children.

Here are some pics of the Austin family!

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First look on Pomeroy [Jan. 24th, 2012|12:05 am]
[Current Mood |groggygroggy]

Hello out there!

So, as promised, some pics from my first (and my only) Sims 2 Neighbourhood Pomeroy. It's based on Veronaville. When I started playing Sims 2 four years ago, I had a crush on those timber-framed houses. On the one side of Pomeroy most of the houses are still in timber-framed-style, some are old-fashioned cottages. On the other side most houses are in cottage-style, but a bit more modern. I will take some more pics next time in game.

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